What does it mean if a film is “locked”?

Our locked films have been made available to us by filmmakers or rights owners for educational purposes. We have contracts in place for these films and must ensure that they are only being used by us, educators, and people who work with youth for educational purposes.

To access these films, please register for an account. We manually approve requests for access to the film catalogue. If we do not recognize your email address or domain, we will get in touch to confirm you meet the criteria to access the catalogue. 

Some of the films hosted on our Film Catalogue are freely available, meaning that the filmmaker or rights owner has made them available for free on other platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

If you are not an educator, or someone who works directly with youth, you can enjoy our freely available films instead. In this case, the best way to access locked content is booking a presentation or attending one of our events.