Can you come to my organization or workplace?


When BC Public Health Orders allow, we prefer to deliver presentations in-person to schools, workplaces, and communities throughout the province. Most of our facilitators are located in the Lower Mainland, meaning we can usually visit locations from Squamish to Hope with relative ease.

For communities beyond these areas, we usually prefer to organize 4- or 5-day tours. Because of this preference, we may need more time to work with you and other folks in your area to design a tour.

Generally, we tour from late March through June, and from September through early November, though weather conditions may change our ability to travel.

When booking an in-person presentation, please be sure to provide us with any and all accessibility information, including the presence of steps, ramps, or elevators; doorway clearance; or other factors which may impede or support access to your presentation location.

If you would like to book an in-person presentation, please use the Book a Presentation form and we’ll contact you to make arrangements. If Public Health Orders or other factors prevent us from safely delivering a presentation in-person, we may instead be able to deliver a presentation digitally.