How to use Film Vouchers

Discount codes and voucher codes are different, though they work similarly.

I received Film Vouchers. How do I use them?

Use the voucher code to redeem your ticket to attend an in-person or online screening either online via your Elevent account or by bringing your voucher code to the Box Office during the festival. Vouchers come with two different codes to account for an in-person OR virtual ticket. If you use the code for one type of ticket, the other code becomes void!

Redeeming Vouchers Online

To redeem a film voucher, you will need to choose a film from our website, click the Buy Tickets button, and select a Standard ticket ($14). Then walk through the checkout process, entering your information along the way. When you reach the payment step, enter your printed film voucher code into the provided Extras box (see below). If you are redeeming a voucher for an in-person screening make sure you use the in-person voucher code, or vice versa for a virtual screening.

Once you have entered your code and completed the Checkout process, you should receive an order confirmation email which will include additional information and, if it's for online content, on when you can access your chosen film.

Please note that some films and programs may be free, meaning you will not need to redeem a voucher to attend, though we still need you to book tickets so we can manage capacity at the venue.

Redeeming Vouchers In-Person or Over the Phone

If you would like to redeem your Extra voucher when speaking with our Box Office Attendant, you can absolutely do so!

You are the original owner of the Extra voucher

If you were issued a voucher directly, you can simply inform our Box Office Attendant that you'd like to redeem one (or more) of your vouchers when booking your ticket. If you have provided some voucher numbers to friends, please make note of those so we don't accidentally use one that they may be planning to use at a later date.

You are a recipient of an Extra voucher, but not the original owner

If you have been given a voucher by a friend, please have the voucher number ready when you speak with the Box Office Attendant as they will need to enter it manually in place of another form of payment. We cannot look up a voucher number on someone else's account for you, so you need to have the number with you.

Locating your Voucher Codes

To find your voucher codes in your Elevent account, log in using the email address listed in your order confirmation email. 

Navigate to your account on the top right of the screen:

Click through to 'Your Extras'.

Any and all available codes should be listed. You will be able to see if they've been redeemed to avoid double using codes!

You can distribute these voucher codes to your friends and let them follow the above guide to redeem them!

Please contact or call 604-844-1615 ext. 410 if you have any questions.