How to use Discount Codes

Discount codes and Voucher codes are different, though they work similarly.

I have a Discount Code. How do I use it?

To redeem a discount code, you will need to choose a film from our website, click the Buy Tickets button, and select the appropriate number of tickets.

Some of our discount codes are a 1:1 (they provide a free Standard ticket, Membership, or other item).

Other discount codes are 2:1 or 'BOGO' offers - they activate when you have 2 or more items of the same kind in your cart (and usually activate in multiples of 2; 2-for-1, 4-for-2, etc). BOGO offers require the items to be the exact same - such as 2 Standard Tickets to the same film, as opposed to 1 ticket to Film A and 1 ticket to Film B. 

Once you have selected your items, move through the checkout process, entering your information along the way.

When you reach the payment step, enter your discount code into the provided Discounts box (see below).

Once you have entered your code and completed the Checkout process, you should receive an order confirmation email which will include additional info on when you can access your chosen film.

Please note that some films and programs may be free, meaning you will not need to redeem a code to attend, though we still need you to book tickets so we can manage capacity at the venue or to send you a Zoom link.

All of our workshops and panels are free to attend, but folks need to get a ticket to register. If the workshop or panel is being held on Zoom, an email with the link will be sent to everyone with a workshop or panel ticket about an hour before the event is scheduled to begin (at 10am for an 11am workshop, for example).